A Fall Cures Color Blindness?

yellow, green and red dots in a square. Color blind since birth, a 70-year-old man says his legs are not strong, so he falls a lot. He claims that after a recent fall and hard hit to the head, he can now see the colors of the rainbow. Usually it’s the other way around – a fall might cause someone to lose their ability to recognize some colors. Doctors are skeptical about the elderly violinist and music teacher’s claim. While the brain is involved in how we perceive color, they say it is unlikely a fall would change a person’s color pigment genes. If there was a concussion from the fall, it may have altered how he perceives the colors. One doctor suggested he visit his eye doctor In hopes of finding out what happened. (How about visiting a neurologist and geriatrician, too??) Maybe after his upcoming trip to Hawaii, where he says he looks forward to seeing flowers and bikinis.