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Hawai’i Neurotrauma Registry Project

Funded by the Hawai’i State Department of Health, the Hawai’i Neurotrauma Registry is a confidential, voluntary survey of Hawaii residents who have had a traumatic brain injury (for example, a concussion), a stroke, and/or a spinal cord injury. It does not matter when or where the injury occurred. Very little known about the needs of persons with these injuries after they happen. This valuable information will help identify needed community supports and services, educate service providers, and develop safety and prevention plans

Ho’oikaika Peer Mentoring Project: Helping Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

Photo of several people, all volunteers for the Hooikaika Mentoring Project

The goal of the Hooikaika Peer Mentoring project was to help individuals with traumatic brain injury in Hawaii find and use support services. Our volunteer mentors were matched to peers, providing them with companionship, information and ongoing monthly activities. The project closed is late 2009. Our Hooikaika volunteers continue to support us by recruiting for our new project, the Hawaii Neutrotrauma Registry Project.

Hawai’i Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Automated Case Management System (ACMS)

Working alongside the Hawai’i Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), the Pacific Disabilities Center has implemented an efficient and updated Automated Case Management System. The Automated Case Management System allows Division of Vocational Rehabilitation counselors to more efficiently and effectively serve their clients. It replaced the original system, which had become outdated.