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February is American Heart Month

Red heart, with words "February is American Heart Month" in it

February is National Embroidery Month, National Grapefruit Month, Return Carts to the Supermarket Month, and International Twit Award Month. It houses Cordova Ice Worm Day, Create a Vacuum Day, Toothache Day, and Charles Dickens Day. Since it includes Valentine’s Day, too, it is appropriate that February is also American Heart Month.

A Fall Cures Color Blindness?

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Color blind since birth, a 70-year-old man says his legs are not strong, so he falls a lot. He claims that after a recent fall and hard hit to the head, he can now see the colors of the rainbow. Usually it’s the other way around – a fall might cause someone to lose their ability to recognize some colors.

January is National Mentoring Month

What a great way to start off the New Year-become a mentor!  One of PBRRTC’s past projects was the Ho‘oikaika Peer Mentoring Project. Ho‘oikaika helped individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) find and use support services. Peers were matched with knowledgeable mentors.o‘oikaika has a new life as Hui Malama Po‘o, which provides support to people with brain and other neurotrauma injuries. They use crafting as cognitive therapy, and sell their products to the public. The money raised is used to

League of Denial

Frontline’s League of Denial centers around what the National Football League (NFL) did or did not know and what it did or did not do about long-term damage caused by concussions.  The story starts in the 1970s and moves through the decades to September of 2013.  While this story is compelling, what happened – and is still happening to the players – is heartbreaking. In the mid-70s, Pittsburgh Steeler “Iron Mike” Webster crushed his opponents and helped win four Super

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