January is National Mentoring Month

mentorWhat a great way to start off the New Year-become a mentor!  One of PBRRTC’s past projects was the Ho‘oikaika Peer Mentoring Project. Ho‘oikaika helped individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) find and use support services. Peers were matched with knowledgeable mentors.o‘oikaika has a new life as Hui Malama Po‘o, which provides support to people with brain and other neurotrauma injuries. They use crafting as cognitive therapy, and sell their products to the public. The money raised is used to buy more items for future crafting activities.Mentoring doesn’t require special training or skills. A willingness to help others by listening and providing guidance and encouragement are the tools you need. You can mentor in schools, businesses, through the internet, in faith-based settings – just about anywhere. Your life will be richer for making a difference in someone else’s life.